Lesson 2: Recap
Lesson 2: Imitating Your Child


Imitating your child promotes shared attention and social responsiveness. It also teaches that imitation is a back and forth process. Finally, it promotes the use of social-communication skills such as eye contact, vocalizations, and language.

Key Points:

  • Be visible
  • Imitate play with toys
  • Imitate gestures and body movements
  • Imitate appropriate vocalizations
  • Be animated
  • Only imitate appropriate behaviors

After you have answered the questions below, spend some time trying to imitate your child. Take a step back and let your child take the lead. Notice how your child responds when you change your behavior. Once you have practiced, complete the Lesson 2 Reflection Questions.

Lesson 2: Recap Quiz

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  1. How do you think your child will respond when you imitate his or her behavior?1
  2. Are there any behaviors that your child engages in (e.g., throwing toys) that you will not imitate?1
  3. What kind of challenges might arise as you imitate your child?1
  4. During which play our daily routine activities will you practice imitating your child?1
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