Lesson 1: Recap
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Program


Helps you understand the importance of parent training and prepares you to complete the program successfully.

Key Points:

  • You can help your child develop imitation skills during play interactions
  • Structure the environment and interaction in order to ensure successful interactions
  • Set aside time to practice
  • Complete all aspects of the training program
  • Prepare yourself for success

After you have answered the questions below, spend some time practicing the steps for teaching object imitation. Don't forget to start by imitating your child, and then incorporate the steps for teaching object imitation presented in this lesson. Once you have done this, complete the Reflection questions.

Lesson 1: Recap Quiz

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  1. How will you structure your environment to encourage a successful play interaction with your child?1
  2. Which of your child’s toys (or sets of toys) will you use as your practice RIT?1
  3. What time during the day will you set aside to practice the RIT techinques?1
  4. What times during the day/week will you set aside to complete the online portion of the program?1
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