This website can help you learn how to promote your
child’s imitation skills during play and daily routines.

About Mirror Me Online

What is Mirror Me Online?

Mirror Me Online is a website where caregivers can learn how to promote their child’s imitation skills during play and and daily routine activities. In four lessons, you will learn how to build your child’s engagement and teach specific imitation skills.


In Mirror Me Online, you will learn the techniques involved with Reciprocal Imitation Training (RIT). RIT uses a blend of developmental and naturalistic behavioral techniques and is considered an “evidence-based” early intervention. These techniques are appropriate for use with any child experiencing delays in social engagement and imitation.


Mirror Me Online makes learning simple, intuitive, and fun. Imitation is a natural way for a child to explore the environment and interact with others. Mirror Me Online will help you help your child develop these imitation skills and set the foundation for successful and sustained social interactions.

Who Can

Mirror Me Online is most appropriate for children between 12 months and 6 years of age who are experiencing social and developmental delays.